Blog post #5: Blog Learning Reflections

Initial feelings. Where do I start? To be 100% honest I’m not a blogging fan, I think that’s mainly because expressing my opinion is not a great value of mine, or another reason could be that I suck at writing. It’s between those two issues at least.

I was very nervous about blogging, I never done it before! All of these thoughts came rushing through my mind: What do I say? Am I rambling? Is this correct? My Spelling sucks! People are going to judge! So maybe you could say a little terrified that anyone on the web could search this up and laugh at my great skills and wacky opinions, but after doing is more and getting the hang of things on here I started to feel more comfortable with my blog. I could never be one of those everyday bloggers; I really don’t know how they do it! I only dream of being able to do that someday.

By doing these blogs I have learned that I am a bit more comfortable with blogging and it has kind of improved my writing skills (that might just be me though) and Researching a topic/providing evidence for opinions really help by expanding my thoughts and ideas on a topic so I could really get down and write about what I feel and know on the topics, which is a great feeling for me.

The most valuable thing I have learnt would be the opportunity for self-reflection on my learning. You don’t know how much you really know until you start spilling it all out on a blog, crazy but true! The things you remember and hold on to are incredible and I don’t know about you but it makes me feel like a smarty pants! The most challenging thing I have come across was offering constructive feedback to my peers on their writing mainly because I’m not a A+ writer so I can’t judge what I can’t do myself. It’s only fair. Another thing would be development of online profile, I’m still working on how to properly do that.

I think for the time being though blogging will not be on my To Do list for the summer. Why? Well it has not peeked my personal interest just yet and I really have nothing to blog about either. My life is not ready for the web and I’m not either. Maybe someday I will find that moment when all I want to do is blog, but at the moment I can honestly say I will be signing off here until next semester when it’s mandatory.

Question of the Day:

What do you think of blogging?

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Post # 4: Second Year Show

This week I got to explore the second year graphic design student’s art show held in my college, and I have to say there is a ton of talent. When I was looking at each piece of work you can tell how much time and care went into them. There was so many great pieces it was hard to choose just one to talk about, but after going around the exhibit three times I found the piece that caught my interest the most.

A piece called Design Thinking: Process Work for Problem Solving By: second year student Natalie Neerhof. I selected this piece because it was all about logo design. I love seeing logos come to life and how they are created and thought through, it’s just amazing to me. I love this work so much because it is clean, sweet and simple and those are the designs that catch my eye and spark my creative flame.

I got to email Natalie and chat about her design process and ask a few of the following questions:

Where did you start with your design?

Natalie – “I started my design with a lot of strategy and design thinking. I had to ask my client several questions about their vision for the logo. They said they wanted something with a retro feel, from this I gathered that an emblem style choice would be best. It is also important to know your clients brand values. Then comes research. Finding online inspiration is the best way to show a client where you expect to take the design. Then several sketches and ideas followed.”

How many steps were taken?

Natalie – “Andrew asked us to follow a specific IDEO thinking process which involves 5 steps: discovery, interpretation, ideation, experimentation and evolution. These steps included research, interviews, and lots of thought gathering and sketching.”

What was the biggest challenge for this design and how did you overcome it?

Natalie – “My biggest challenge for this design was the process work. This was my first big project that involved a lot of process and a real client. I needed to make sure I did everything possible in order to come up with the right solution for my client. I never thought of considering simple things like values and target audience for a logo design but it really all ties in and it is what creates meaning for the logo. In the end it was a success.”

From hearing about Natalie’s design process I have taken a couple tips for my own designing process.

  1. Research! Research! Research!
  2. Sketch like crazy to flow ideas
  3. Consider the simple things
  4. Never give up

Question of the Day:

Whats your design process for success?

Design Thinking: Process Work for Problem SolvingDesign Thinking: Process Work for Problem Solving

By: Second Year Graphic Design Student Natalie Neerhof

Post #2: Type Topic of Choice

Mixing Typefaces

So far in my study of typography I have looked at mixing typefaces. What looks great and what looks terrible. For many projects, one font isn’t enough to create visual interest and establish good hierarchy. And when you have multiple typefaces, you want to be sure that they work well together. When being new to typography keeping it simple is a good step to take, just to let yourself adjust to typefaces and layouts then once you’re more comfortable you will be ready to explore deeper into the art. When working with more than one typeface you must carefully chose type that works well with each other.

Combining typefaces is like making a salad. You have to make it look good! Use typefaces with contrast or complementary moods to spark the feel to your chosen typefaces. Give each Typeface a roll to play, within reason of course, like Bold and light or italics and bold italics. If you are just using one typeface (single-family mixes) you can play with the point size, style and weight of the type, this will give your design a sharp and interesting look. When you are laying out your type make sure the type isn’t to close in size and weight. If you are putting together a design like posters, invitation or quotes they will not mix well.  Contrast is essential to a well-designed type layout. Another good thing to keep in mind is how many typeface you should limit yourself. Too many will clutter your layout or make it look messy and unprofessional. Your max should be two and if you can get away with it you can push three but don’t be greedy! For more great information and tips about mixing typefaces check out this video from however to view the complete chapter of choosing and combining type you must be a member.

Question of the day:

How do you mix your typefaces?

Type Tips
Type Tips

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Post #1 : 3 Best Typography and Design Blogs

Searching. We do it every day. When on the internet we look for interesting subjects or even a good time waster, but what if your feeling creative or wanting to know more about a subject? You search for it of course. Being a in a Graphic Designer course I am always searching and learning new things and one of them is Typography and Design.

So I am wanting to share with you 3 blogs I have found that I think are great to explore.

Blog #1 Typostrate has to be at the top of my list. It is well put together for you to easily find there amazing articles filled with great topics and many types and creators of old and new typefaces. They have videos and images to share along with there information so its fun to learn as you search through the blog. Another great thing is that it is very organized, I like that when I am not familiar with a new site or blog. Go check them out I’m sure you will like the experience.

Blog #2  Do you have a passion for typography, type design, and lettering? well go checkout I Love Typography! If you wonder where letters originate, Why do they look the way they do? And what makes for good type and typography? then your answers are here all free to explore in one blog. There are tons of subjects and categories on any subject possible dealing with type.

Blog #3 Graphic Exchange ran by Fabien Barral or his blog name Mr-Cup is a graphic designer and he lets his creations talk for him explaining who he is with out words. This blog has tons of great topics to explore mainly sharing Mr-Cups design work and how far he has come and what her went through to get where he is today along with others who send him their work to share on his blog to get noticed and there are so many great designers out there! but we all know that, but take a few moments of your time to go and explore this blog its very inspirational and gets your creative thoughts flowing. Have fun checking him out!

I hope you enjoy these great blogs!