Rules, Rules, Rules: RGD Rules of Professional Conduct (Part 2)

It’s time to go over another rule! My last post focused on rule #2 from the RGD Rules of Professional Conduct and the business of graphic design with guidance from the RGD Professional Handbook, but this time we look at another rule to talk about. This time in class we went over rules 4,5 and 6. After getting an understand on those rules it’s time to choose one rule and blog about what we learned and took away from the rule we chose. The next rule I decided to talk about this time is Rule #4, and in the RGD handbook it states…

“I will strive to act in the best interest of consumers and society wherever possible.”

Some of the key take away’s for this rule are stated below.

  • Learn and use accessibility principles in your work. It’s the law.
  • Follow health and safety laws in your place of business and practice.
  • Do not accept projects that promote hatred, discrimination, or exploitation
  • Visually portray people respectfully/sensitively
  • Use materials, processes and solutions that are economically, culturally, socially and environmentally sustainable.
  • Strive to donate 5% of your design time to charitable or public good projects.

I believe this rule is suitable for everyone in the workplace not just designers or RGD’s. This rule talks about accessibility principles, health and safety laws, how hatred, discrimination, or exploitation is not acceptable in anyway,shape or form and to always have respect for everyone around you. This rule shows us to help create fairness in design with moral and ethical treatments and to make sure designs are made accessible without any disrespect, hatred, or exploitation. Also, designs should be sensitive to social, cultural and economical situations.

An example of this rule being broken would be if a designer was designing a new fire escape map and only put the instructions on the signs in the English language only because the designer felt everyone should only speak English in this location. This would cause major discrimination issues, health and safety laws to be broken along with the signs not being accessible to other cultures within that building.

I find this rule very important in the design field and when I think about my own design practice I will definitely make sure this one never leaves my mind. It is always important to always consider the environment around you and how you can produce your work professionally. Also, another great idea is to consider how much of your design time goes toward the community. RGD suggests that, “5% of your design time to charitable or public good projects.” And I think that’s great!

All of RGD’s Rules of Professional Conduct are a designers best friend and should become a very important asset to understand and use all the time. To be successful as a young designer always remember the importance of this rule and the 7 others, they will never let you down and one more thing, Always try and respect everyone around you and what you design.

As before, I still highly suggest if you find these rules interesting or useful in anyway to go out and get yourself a copy of the RGD Handbook, these rule are valuable to everyone in the work world not just designers! ( link is below )

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Question of the day:
What do you think of this rule? Is it something you do/would follow in your practice?



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