Rules, Rules, Rules: RGD Rules of Professional Conduct

It’s time to get down to business! The last semester of my three year graphic design journey is coming to a close, but before we go it’s time to learn about the business of graphic design with guidance from the RGD Professional Handbook. Since the real world is approaching fast it is great to have good knowledge on being professional, ethics, rules, business and little tips to always remember. Right now in my Portfolio and Practice class all of us are learning the eight rules of professional conduct, but first we started with the first three and by the end of this class we all will leave with knowledge of eight important rules we need to understand as a rising graphic designers.
Since we have the first three rules down pat it’s time to choose one rule and blog about what we learned and took away from the rule we chose. The rule I decided to talk about is Rule #2, and in the RGD handbook it states…

“I will engage in the practice, management and /or instruction of graphic design in an ethical and lawful manner.”

As we went over this rule I got to take away some important points provided by our professor that are key in understanding when becoming a graphic designer.

  • Criticize other designers’ work fairly
  • Don’t unfairly steal clients from other designers or your boss
  • Don’t accept kickbacks for supplier referrals
  • Be honest in your self-promotion
  • Do not exploit students, either as interns or as employees
  • Follow all labour laws and treat employees fairly
  • Educate students and employees on these rules

Registered Graphic Designers ( RGDs) are committed to the highest professional and ethical standards when working for clients as employees, and in service to the general public. All of those points are incredibly important to follow and remember as a designer or not. The point I consider important would be “Be honest in yourself – promotion”. Which in other words means be honest with yourself and others, don’t say you can move mountains when you can only pick up stones at the moment, it’s okay not to be great at everything there is always time to learn. Tell others what you can do with honesty and truth.

Now with that being said the question is, how will I include this rule into my design practice? Simple. I will make sure I never promote myself incorrectly by telling others what I can not actually achieve or do for them. For example, if a client was looking to have a website created for their business and asked me if I could do it I will tell them the truth by saying I don’t have the strongest skills in web development, but I’m always willing to strengthen that skill. I may not get the job with that client, but I told them the truth of where my skill set lies instead of lying about my skill which would of lead to a disaster if taken on. Always stay honest to yourself and others.
If you are interested in learning more about RGD and their rules of professional conduct you definitely need to pick up yourself a copy of the The Business of Graphic Design: The RGD Professional Handbook it’s filled with tons of valuable information that could benefit your yourself or business.

Question of the day:
What has being honest done for you?


image sorce: RGD’s Rules of Professional Conduct

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