Independent Type Study

COMM 85 – Career Planning    
 Blog post #1

Third year has begun! I actually can’t believe how fast my graphic design course is going, its scary and exciting all at the same time. Now this year we are learning a lot about building our portfolios and the paths we are going to take, but at the moment that stuff scares me right now and it’s for another blog post.

Right now I’m wanting to discuss my independent type study that’s going on right now in typography class. Each of get to choose any topic we want involving type. When I first heard about it I was to excited, a project I get to tackle all on my own, kind of like my first project as a freelancer. It’s too cool!

For my topic I was really wanting to explore hand lettering and book design, its such a passion of mine and it’s definitely something I want to do in my future as a designer, but since there are so many “how to hand letter” books out there a different approach was seriously needed. Now Hand letting is always elegant, sweet and put on cute items like note books, mugs and inspirational quote posters. What if this elegant hand drawn type was placed on something where is didn’t belong? And so my ideas start flowing and I being to think of professional items and ways some how to link my hand lettering passion into something professional.

Ending on a happy note I will be blogging more on this project and not leave you all hanging. I will show the steps I take and holes I climb out of. Here’s to an awesome independent project and a exciting project documentation!


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