Blog Post #4 Year 2: RGD Event

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the 2015 RGD event that was held this year, so to experience a small piece of awesomeness from what I missed out on was turn on my laptop, access the internet and go to I then watched a one-hour presentation by Jessica Hische on Lettering and it’s place in the industry.

Letterer, Illustrator, Crazy cat lady and Secret web designer

From watching the video, I learned a lot about Jessica Hische and her journey on becoming the great letterer/illustrator she is today. In her talk she shares many of her life experiences and projects she has done throughout her career, the fun times and struggles she encountered along the way, the price of Typefaces and Spec Work.

Jessica explains Calligraphers vs. Letterers, Typography vs. Type vs. Fonts. And how she was called a calligrapher most of the time. Another topic Jessica brought up was “Graphic Designers don’t understand Typeface Design… because if they did they wouldn’t complain on how expensive the fonts are” (which was a big topic discussed) She goes on about discussing the everyday typefaces she sees like Gotham, Verdana and Georgia and how a lot of people get upset on how much typefaces cost to buy, but very few people know how much money goes into designing these typefaces. From listening to her talk about that issue it’s very understandable on the prices typeface designers put on their fonts, to be honest it’s still really cheep from what they spent just to create one font family.

As the talk goes on Jessica talks about how so many people came to her about spec work, so she decided to create “Should I Work for Free” flow chart. She found it a really fun way to express her opinion, but still be really humorous along the way. This chart was to help other people  figure out if working for free is okay in certain situations. At first this flow chart was just a JPEG, but Jessica had too many people complain the image took to long to load so she ended up coding the whole thing in HTML and CSS and to her benefit it taught her how to be a better web designer.


The key message from Jessica’s video was never stop pushing your limits, your going to create great things.

  “Make things you wish existed, the more passion projects you can do the more people will know who you are, A lot of people just need that push to do it so just start that project that has been sitting in your mind because it will be really worth your while” – Jessica Hische

Here are a couple websites created by Jessica that are great for all designers out there and could come in handy:

 Hopefully in the years to come I will attend and RGD event to experience some creative talks, but for now videos on the rgd website will have to do.

If you have interest in RGD I highly recommend visiting their website, check it out at



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