Blog Post #3 Year 2 : My love for Hand Lettering


Since I began my journey as a Graphic Design student I have developed a great love for handwriting fonts and cursive type. I love the character and personality they bring to the table, and this trend for hand lettering is just blowing my mind. I LOVE it! Everyday I would find my self on Pinterest browsing through other artists beautiful hand lettering designs. Rarely does a Pinterest session go by without me pinning something inspiring to my Hand Lettering board. If you wish to view my inspiration you can view it here

Over the summer I began to practice on my own from videos, books, pictures and designers I follow on social media and believe me its harder than it looks! It takes a lot of patients and practice, but totally worth it. Here is a link to a video I thought was really helpful when I began to take an interest in hand lettering, it’s great for learning the basics!

Hand lettering is literally as it sounds. It is like a drawing, but its words hand drawn into beautiful works of art by artists and then converted into a digital file. It’s just so amazing and beautiful! Not to mention fun too. Through hand lettering you can show so much energy, intention and meaning. Some are expressive or confident, some quiet and some reflective. You can even incorporate them into your own designs like logos, brand identity, websites, blogs and even clothing!

View More:
Lettering by: Jenny HighSmith

Below are a few inspirational pieces by an amazing graphic designer from the UK named Seb Lester. His Lettering blows my mind! If you love these you need to check him out!.

Lettering by: Seb Lester


Question of the day:

what do you think of hand lettering?


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