Blog Post #1 Year 2: What does success look like to me?

When I think of success I think of my accomplishments and goals.

Each time I complete a goal I feel a great amount of success, even if its the tiniest goal in my life it still means I did it and i can make it a bit bigger each time. So my success has been every goal I have set in my lifetime. Sometimes success doesn’t always come my way or don’t always work out and I have a high level of anxiety and frustration because they are important to me, but that doesn’t mean I stop making new ones, failure is part of the process, you just have to value time with your success.

One of my greatest goals was going to college, and even though I didn’t pick the right course the first time doesn’t mean give up it means look deeper into your dreams and and make a new mark, and I did. Now i’m a proud second year graphic design student setting goal after goal, reaching higher and higher to my success. It feels good. I’m in the course I enjoy, I have amazing classmates, wonderful teachers guiding my way through the learning process and all my goals are stepping stones leading me on my path in hopes of my highest peek of success by entering the field of work I love and enjoy and share it with others.

Success isn’t fame, wealth, glitter or glam it’s a purpose of accomplishing your wants in life, step by step. You are your own guide to setting your own goals. Visualize it! See it! Feel it! Believe in it!

Question of the Day:

What’s your type of success?


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