Post # 4: Second Year Show

This week I got to explore the second year graphic design student’s art show held in my college, and I have to say there is a ton of talent. When I was looking at each piece of work you can tell how much time and care went into them. There was so many great pieces it was hard to choose just one to talk about, but after going around the exhibit three times I found the piece that caught my interest the most.

A piece called Design Thinking: Process Work for Problem Solving By: second year student Natalie Neerhof. I selected this piece because it was all about logo design. I love seeing logos come to life and how they are created and thought through, it’s just amazing to me. I love this work so much because it is clean, sweet and simple and those are the designs that catch my eye and spark my creative flame.

I got to email Natalie and chat about her design process and ask a few of the following questions:

Where did you start with your design?

Natalie – “I started my design with a lot of strategy and design thinking. I had to ask my client several questions about their vision for the logo. They said they wanted something with a retro feel, from this I gathered that an emblem style choice would be best. It is also important to know your clients brand values. Then comes research. Finding online inspiration is the best way to show a client where you expect to take the design. Then several sketches and ideas followed.”

How many steps were taken?

Natalie – “Andrew asked us to follow a specific IDEO thinking process which involves 5 steps: discovery, interpretation, ideation, experimentation and evolution. These steps included research, interviews, and lots of thought gathering and sketching.”

What was the biggest challenge for this design and how did you overcome it?

Natalie – “My biggest challenge for this design was the process work. This was my first big project that involved a lot of process and a real client. I needed to make sure I did everything possible in order to come up with the right solution for my client. I never thought of considering simple things like values and target audience for a logo design but it really all ties in and it is what creates meaning for the logo. In the end it was a success.”

From hearing about Natalie’s design process I have taken a couple tips for my own designing process.

  1. Research! Research! Research!
  2. Sketch like crazy to flow ideas
  3. Consider the simple things
  4. Never give up

Question of the Day:

Whats your design process for success?

Design Thinking: Process Work for Problem SolvingDesign Thinking: Process Work for Problem Solving

By: Second Year Graphic Design Student Natalie Neerhof


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