Post #1 : 3 Best Typography and Design Blogs

Searching. We do it every day. When on the internet we look for interesting subjects or even a good time waster, but what if your feeling creative or wanting to know more about a subject? You search for it of course. Being a in a Graphic Designer course I am always searching and learning new things and one of them is Typography and Design.

So I am wanting to share with you 3 blogs I have found that I think are great to explore.

Blog #1 Typostrate has to be at the top of my list. It is well put together for you to easily find there amazing articles filled with great topics and many types and creators of old and new typefaces. They have videos and images to share along with there information so its fun to learn as you search through the blog. Another great thing is that it is very organized, I like that when I am not familiar with a new site or blog. Go check them out I’m sure you will like the experience.

Blog #2  Do you have a passion for typography, type design, and lettering? well go checkout I Love Typography! If you wonder where letters originate, Why do they look the way they do? And what makes for good type and typography? then your answers are here all free to explore in one blog. There are tons of subjects and categories on any subject possible dealing with type.

Blog #3 Graphic Exchange ran by Fabien Barral or his blog name Mr-Cup is a graphic designer and he lets his creations talk for him explaining who he is with out words. This blog has tons of great topics to explore mainly sharing Mr-Cups design work and how far he has come and what her went through to get where he is today along with others who send him their work to share on his blog to get noticed and there are so many great designers out there! but we all know that, but take a few moments of your time to go and explore this blog its very inspirational and gets your creative thoughts flowing. Have fun checking him out!

I hope you enjoy these great blogs!


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